Monday, September 14, 2009

as you may have noticed, blogging has come to a bit of a halt. i'm struggling with where i want this blog to go now that the wedding is over, and thus new things are in the works. but i need some time to figure out what those things will be.

but don't worry, i'll be back with the recaps when the photos are in. until then, albert einstein sums up my attitude at the moment... just need to make sense of the jumble in my head!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

aimee + kumu

so yes, i'm officially back from the wedding. and no, i do not have pictures back yet. so we'll do a recap when we get those babies!

but for now let's take a peek at this awesome post-wedding shoot shot by jess over at jessica kettle photography. aimee and kumu were married in hawaii, where they now take up residence. but these shots were taken out in seattle.

the mood of the whole shoot is just divine - the sweet parasol, the beautiful garden...
and maybe the fact that aimee and her mother designed & MADE her dress! 100% tulle people - if you sew, you know how hard it is to work with tulle!

so gorgeous, just what i needed after a (sort of) break from the wedding world! thanks jessica for sharing these images.