Monday, June 29, 2009

ginny + ed

this wedding will soon be everywhere, but it should be. because its gorgeous and josh goleman is an amazing photographer. check out more of the wedding on josh's blog, and on 100 layer cake and on once wed.

Friday, June 26, 2009

we made it..

to friday! the days seems to be escaping me - my day job is chaotic and our wedding is two months away. but it's finally warming up in nyc and the sun may actually make an appearance this weekend for a whole day straight! have a happy weekend, here are some things that i was loving this week!this little pouch of loveliness via a new fav find of mine, the alternative bride .. could someone work on a diy version because i can't afford the $1,000 price tag!

the sweet details, pastel palette and bunting flags of zoe and iain's wedding shot by lillian and leonard

the gorgeous, inventive invitations of 13 creative via ritzy bee

pernel + aaron's wedding coordinated by the fabulous team at amorology and photography by hugh forte. i won't try to pick a favorite part, the whole day was amazing!finally, the breathtaking florals & dreamy, gorgeous images of emily + eric's wedding, shot by sarah yates

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

dan & lauren

john rozier shot this amazing wedding we're featuring today! you can check out his blog and website here and here.

and surprise! it has a vintage, hand-made vibe to it. it's such a departure for me ; ) there are lots of things that attracted me to this wedding... lauren's dress (which was ALMOST going to be mine, so of course i love it!), the attire, in particular, dan's suit and the bridesmaid's shoes and the CANDY BAR! i adore the "sweet love" banner and may just have to steal the idea!

it was great for me seeing this wedding, because it helped me with some aspects of my own wedding. i've been struggling with colors of shoes for bridesmaids and ties for groomsmen and how it was all going to come together - so this helped. and i think it's fabulous! take a peek.
seriously.. the shoes... are so great!
the most adorable banner. i'm adding it to the diy list.
thanks john for letting me share this beautiful wedding!

Monday, June 22, 2009

a beachy cottage & some serious couture

every bride does it, even when they know better... you know, continuing to look at dresses once their's has already been fawned over and paid for! but this shoot featured in charleston weddings mag took my breath away. shot out on the gorgeous sullivan island, the airiness of the fabrics, that slightly goddess-like appeal = gorgeous.

i love the neckline and detailing of this claire pettibone dress. and combined with the alexis bittar necklace, its amazing!
these last two dresses are my favorite - another claire pettibone "moonlight" and the last being carmela sutera. the hem on the claire pettibone is beautiful.
all photos shot by peter frank edwards

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i think im committing...

to a bouquet.
arranged by the fabulous courtney of flush designs and erin hearts court. her and her hubby shot this gorgeous wedding as well. such a talented couple!

i'm in love with another wedding

...and another dress. sigh! you MUST go check this wedding out over at the fantastic sugar love weddings, based out of australia.

p.s. i'm kind of in love with every wedding on their blog... ; )

totally reposted after seeing on frolic!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

our wedding: invitations

i've been a little absent lately and i could blame it on the never ending rain cloud permanently affixing itself above nyc, or i can show you what's been taking up all of my time. we finally! sent out our wedding invitations, which have been a real labor of love.
we really wanted to do something handmade with a whimsical feeling to it. we wanted it to feel like a little package of goodies, with each piece having a unique attribute - whether it be the paper of the design. i took the idea of the rsvp stickers from birddog press, i just loved them.
and the admit one ticket just has some reminder travel information.
the invitation itself was just a vellum hand sewn onto vintage wallpapers and papers i collected, each one being completely unique. the colors here are a lot brighter than the actual papers, everything is a very muted palette.
and while i would have loved to use vintage stamps, it was just not in our budget to do so given the number of components of the invitations - so we lucked out with the adorable new king and queen love stamps.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

roaring 20's

risa and evan pulled off one stellar 1920's themed wedding.  laura of gritz photography was there to capture that vision and turn it into something truly spectacular. isn't laura's image processing amazing? laura was kind enough to share some more details of their day.

" it was pouring rain for days, even that morning, it looked liked we were going to have to shift to plan b. but it cleared up, and the show went on! all of the groomsmen (all 12 of them!) had flasks and wingtip shoes, and the bridesmaids were decked out in flapper attire. all of the guests came in appropriate 20's attire as well" 

i love a group that likes to dress up!
"the ceremony was held under a huge live oak tree - since the brides parents were married under an old oak tree years before. 
her tattoo says "love all, seek one" isn't that beautiful? 
this is my favorite.. she looks amazing! what a fantastic pose.
"the reception was completely 20's themed and held at the pensacola museum of commerce (an old warehouse). "bootleg" booze was served in mason jars, and you had to use a special knock to get into the "hush party". 
such an amazing event! laura, thanks for letting me share this. : )