Wednesday, June 10, 2009

roaring 20's

risa and evan pulled off one stellar 1920's themed wedding.  laura of gritz photography was there to capture that vision and turn it into something truly spectacular. isn't laura's image processing amazing? laura was kind enough to share some more details of their day.

" it was pouring rain for days, even that morning, it looked liked we were going to have to shift to plan b. but it cleared up, and the show went on! all of the groomsmen (all 12 of them!) had flasks and wingtip shoes, and the bridesmaids were decked out in flapper attire. all of the guests came in appropriate 20's attire as well" 

i love a group that likes to dress up!
"the ceremony was held under a huge live oak tree - since the brides parents were married under an old oak tree years before. 
her tattoo says "love all, seek one" isn't that beautiful? 
this is my favorite.. she looks amazing! what a fantastic pose.
"the reception was completely 20's themed and held at the pensacola museum of commerce (an old warehouse). "bootleg" booze was served in mason jars, and you had to use a special knock to get into the "hush party". 
such an amazing event! laura, thanks for letting me share this. : )


  1. Usually themed wedding are tedious.

    This wedding is beyond fabulous. Exquisite.

  2. Great photography! Really captured the event.
    A Great looking couple does not hurt either....
    Looks like a great event planner too!

    And they lived happily ever after