Thursday, April 30, 2009

making out in the snow never looked so good. how fun!

guest participation

i love any invitation that's "interactive". Be it a simple spot to request your favorite tune, a space to draw a lovely picture for the lovely couple .. and then there is this FANTASTIC idea from birddog press. STICKERS! I just adore. 

(i have a one track mind lately.. kraft paper, fabric, invitations... once they're done we'll move onto something else, i promise!)

poppies for grace

Australian based invitation designers Poppies for Grace was one of my first loves when planning for my wedding invitations. They are available right now in ONE store in the US New York - but their website is full of quirky, handmade inspiration. My favorite kind! Aren't these just divine?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

the little things

Naomi of Rockstar Diaries has a great post up reminding people that the little things in life are what really count. go check it out. Here's what i sent her: 

1. when the trees begin to bud and drape over the streets
 creating a canopy of branches and loveliness
2. cute little kiddies
3. gummi bears 
4. when you see someone do something nice for a stranger (a rare sight in nyc!)
5. afternoon napping on a fluffy down comforter with squishy pillows and 
the warm sun shining in (yes, i'm kind of like a cat who likes to curl up in the sun)
6. seeing my fiance at the end of the day, it's just pure comfort
7. giving compliments
8. foot massages
9. wegmans (when i can get to one!)
10. a good meal and good friends

photo via flickr

a super 8 & a bryan photo

i love super 8 film. i think its gorgeous - and i like that there is no sound. it is my video of choice for my wedding day as i cringe at hearing my own voice repeated back to me. and for whatever reason, every super 8 film i come across has the BEST music mixed in. 

this super 8 film is a particular favorite of mine. i love the song, Lullaby, they mixed the film with. does anyone know who sings this version? 

a bryan photo is no stranger here in wedding world - they have really outstanding photographers, seems like such a fun place to work - but looks like you have to be a guy to join this group ': )  go check out their blog for my loveliness! 

Melanie & Patrick 8mm from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

the flashdance.. and a funny story

happy monday kids! hope you had a nice sunny weekend - it was and is gorgeous here in nyc. we'll take it!

i had planned on posting about how much i adore Michael Antonia of The Flashdance fame today, but didn't expect a hilarious story to go along with it. he is one extremely talented artist and has set the bar extremely high as far as wedding djs go. definitely not in the traditional form, so to speak. 

i mean, he played Speidi's wedding for crying out loud! seriously. here's some proof. and while i'm at it, i should mention that my new favorite photographer, Noa from Featherlove was also in attendance, well for part of the event. so these amazing photos are hers - I'll let Michael and Noa tell you the story, go check out on their blogs here and here ... it really is one for the books. classic! 

i love the succulents! the gorgeous florals were done by Brent Wang of Eggs Los Angeles
the beautiful cake was from Sweet Gems

Michael Antonia doing what he does best! 
our favorite blonde.. Perez Hilton

the wedding looked beautiful - congrats to the newlyweds. i'm definitely impressed with the choice of wedding vendors. oh, i should mention the whole event wouldn't have gone off if it wasn't for the amazing coordination from Michelle of Mint Julep Events. 
i'm sure it wasn't easy pulling off this one! 

Friday, April 24, 2009

wardrobe envy

I know I'm supposed to be out enjoying the sunshine, but I've gotten a little distracted by some of these lovelies. Seriously, can I hire these girls to give me a fashion lesson? They look freakin' fabulous! 

Plus I just LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these shoots. Scroll down the blog and you're probably starting to see a trend in my photography taste. ; ) 

seriously - what an awesome shot. love the colors and texture.

 i love this dress. enough said.

they make sitting in the middle of the street look like so much fun!

P.S. the model is Ashley Rose = amazing photographer - go check her blog out!

you know how i love a good set of balloons! love this shot, great color contrast 
between the sky and  bright green grass

can i have your chair please?

such a gorgeous couple - the outfits in this shoot are fantastic!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know this week has been light on posting - my day job has been crazy, and by the time I get home my fluffy soft warm bed is calling (no, screaming) my name. So my apologies! But on an extremely happy note (!)  this weekend is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous here in NYC, so I'm heading out early to enjoy the sunshine and indulge in some vitamin D. I promise to try harder next week, but I'll leave you with this happy photo...

Monday, April 20, 2009

a wedding by sea

so many of the beach weddings out there have a more modern, exotic vibe to them. This wedding (well it's not a real wedding, but let's pretend) brings you back to the old fashioned beach boardwalk with its brightly colored beach houses and lots of deep reds, bright blues and taupes. I can see the old ferris wheel off in the background, some cotton candy, and a popcorn vendor. 


some inspiration for yet another rainy monday...

Friday, April 17, 2009

oh cynthia!

how fabulous are your designs? I stumbled upon Cynthia Warren Designs (how, I can't quite remember!) but I instantly fell in love. We all know how much I love muted color palettes and a dash of vintage. Each one of her creations, be it a wedding invitation or a piece of packaging, has such a darling whimsical air to it. I'm a fan!


i think we're going to call today "photography friday"- there are just so many great pieces of inspiration out there lately! 

These engagement photos of the Emilia and Bill are no exception! I love Emilia (1. because I love the name Emilia, I think its great! and 2. because of her amazing blogs, Veiled Vows and Auburn and Ivory

The slight grainy texture, the vintage tinting, the 60's styling.  its all so dreamy! And the creative genius behind FeatherLove, Noa, just recently re-launched her site and blog - go check it out. (PS. her site has some great music playing too!)


I was purusing around the web the other day and came across the amazing photography of Philippines based MangoRED- a brother duo made up of Ryan and Randall Dagooc They're work is simply breathtaking. So illusory - gossamer with an edge. If that makes any sense! Go check out their blog, below is just a snippet of what you will find!