Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a super 8 & a bryan photo

i love super 8 film. i think its gorgeous - and i like that there is no sound. it is my video of choice for my wedding day as i cringe at hearing my own voice repeated back to me. and for whatever reason, every super 8 film i come across has the BEST music mixed in. 

this super 8 film is a particular favorite of mine. i love the song, Lullaby, they mixed the film with. does anyone know who sings this version? 

a bryan photo is no stranger here in wedding world - they have really outstanding photographers, seems like such a fun place to work - but looks like you have to be a guy to join this group ': )  go check out their blog for my loveliness! 

Melanie & Patrick 8mm from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.


  1. great minds must think alike...i posted about these guys a couple weeks ago and i'm desperately devising a plan to somehow get a Super8 at my own wedding celebration (I loved that super vintage couple that got married in New Orleans too - sooooooo rad!


    are you going to have one at your wedding??

  2. Thanks for posting our work!
    We really appreciate your kind words as well!
    Bryan Johnson

  3. funny you say "devising a plan" because I'm doing to same thing! sadly, buffalo ny isn't a huge market for super 8 film...

    and bryan, i'll post your work any day! great stuff!