Friday, April 24, 2009

wardrobe envy

I know I'm supposed to be out enjoying the sunshine, but I've gotten a little distracted by some of these lovelies. Seriously, can I hire these girls to give me a fashion lesson? They look freakin' fabulous! 

Plus I just LOVE LOVE LOVE both of these shoots. Scroll down the blog and you're probably starting to see a trend in my photography taste. ; ) 

seriously - what an awesome shot. love the colors and texture.

 i love this dress. enough said.

they make sitting in the middle of the street look like so much fun!

P.S. the model is Ashley Rose = amazing photographer - go check her blog out!

you know how i love a good set of balloons! love this shot, great color contrast 
between the sky and  bright green grass

can i have your chair please?

such a gorgeous couple - the outfits in this shoot are fantastic!


  1. i LOVE the dress on that first, love love.

  2. I am in love with these photos as well!