Monday, April 6, 2009

hello gorgeous.

We all know these ladies very well in the wedding world, but this could quite possibly be one of my favorite wedding shoots, ever! It's just everything I want for my wedding. Soft, vintage, romantic. I'm. in. love.  

So I wanted to post to give all these ladies serious "props". Their talent is something I can only dream of having! The styling, the designs (that coat!), the accessories.. 

all photos found via twigs & honey's flickr

Styling. Chelsea Fuss
Photography. Lisa Warninger
Designer. Elizabeth Dye
Accessories. Maya of Twigs & Honey
Model. Anna Adams

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  1. OK. So one day I wore a BEAUTIFUL flower on the side of my head (like the one in the top pic). It looked freaking rad. Really. I was so proud. Then I walked into living room where I met up with my sisters, their bf's and My Guy and they all stared at me and stopped talking. Stared at me in a "whatthefisthatonyourhead" way. Yea, I took it off real fast. See, I think it would be pretty headwear for everyday not just weddings...too bad I'm weak.