Saturday, January 31, 2009

the little things

When I saw this gorgeous wedding on Snippet and Ink , I thanked Laurel. Literally - I was talking to the computer, out loud.

Why you ask? Because of what Laurel had to say (which she literally took right out of my pretty little head).

Everyone always says don't try to do everything, just take it easy and don't stress yourself out before your wedding. I do agree with that, but I also think that if you can plan wisely and not procrastinate on the small touches, then you should really try to do everything you can! For instance, I cross-stitched the table numbers and the reserved signs that were used in my reception and ceremony.

People thought I was insane and maybe they were right, but if I hadn't done things like that (designing the invitations, hand-tying them all together, hand-stamping the seating cards, etc...), I would have been disappointed.

Those creative things define me and I knew that they were important to me, so I started creating the table numbers 9 months before the actual wedding day! That way, I wasn't losing any sleep the week before and I could really get everything done without too many last minute break downs. I assigned myself something each day to do for the wedding and it really paid off.

Thank you Laurel, and Kathryn for posting this. Details are what define me, I love details! If I want to make my own napkins, I'm going to!

(images from Meg Runion of Rob Garland Photography. )

a city hall wedding

With about 6 months until the big day, we've reached the point all engaged couples seem to hit... "why are we doing it this way again?" And it didn't help when I came across Joanna's post on a chic city hall wedding. Surrounded by your immediate family the day would be focused on the marriage and celebration and not all that goes into a "wedding". In my opinion, it's pretty fabulous!

Definitely suffering from a twinge of jealousy.. is that bad?

Friday, January 30, 2009

happy thoughts

My fiance Jon, has just begun working on an amazing rehabilitation charity project in Africa. I'm so proud of him - now more than ever we need to get behind the small handmade businesses and talented individuals that are going to bring us out of this recession. And if that's not enough to motivate me, I don't know what ever will.

So this is for Jon, and for Africa, and for Friday. FINALLY!

it's like the first day of school

The first blog post is a tough one - just like that very first day of school! Will you like me? Will I make friends? So, let's see - welcome to my blog! I consider myself a creative person stuck in rut. I came across this quote from Jacqueline Rose, that perfectly sums up my hope for this space that is my blog.

"I see life as an art. As the artist of my own life, each day another brush stroke is made on the canvas which will one day be called "My Life." If I am to live with the end in mind, everyday that I am blessed to live and breath is an opportunity to create the life I envision for myself. I want my life to be one of beauty, peace, style, and grace -- an utterly fulfilling life that inspires me as well as those that I love. It begins by creating a clear vision and then daily making choices, both large and small, that move me in the direction of my dreams."

Isn't that lovely? If we all lived by this philosophy, imagine what life would be like.