Friday, January 30, 2009

it's like the first day of school

The first blog post is a tough one - just like that very first day of school! Will you like me? Will I make friends? So, let's see - welcome to my blog! I consider myself a creative person stuck in rut. I came across this quote from Jacqueline Rose, that perfectly sums up my hope for this space that is my blog.

"I see life as an art. As the artist of my own life, each day another brush stroke is made on the canvas which will one day be called "My Life." If I am to live with the end in mind, everyday that I am blessed to live and breath is an opportunity to create the life I envision for myself. I want my life to be one of beauty, peace, style, and grace -- an utterly fulfilling life that inspires me as well as those that I love. It begins by creating a clear vision and then daily making choices, both large and small, that move me in the direction of my dreams."

Isn't that lovely? If we all lived by this philosophy, imagine what life would be like.

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