Saturday, January 31, 2009

the little things

When I saw this gorgeous wedding on Snippet and Ink , I thanked Laurel. Literally - I was talking to the computer, out loud.

Why you ask? Because of what Laurel had to say (which she literally took right out of my pretty little head).

Everyone always says don't try to do everything, just take it easy and don't stress yourself out before your wedding. I do agree with that, but I also think that if you can plan wisely and not procrastinate on the small touches, then you should really try to do everything you can! For instance, I cross-stitched the table numbers and the reserved signs that were used in my reception and ceremony.

People thought I was insane and maybe they were right, but if I hadn't done things like that (designing the invitations, hand-tying them all together, hand-stamping the seating cards, etc...), I would have been disappointed.

Those creative things define me and I knew that they were important to me, so I started creating the table numbers 9 months before the actual wedding day! That way, I wasn't losing any sleep the week before and I could really get everything done without too many last minute break downs. I assigned myself something each day to do for the wedding and it really paid off.

Thank you Laurel, and Kathryn for posting this. Details are what define me, I love details! If I want to make my own napkins, I'm going to!

(images from Meg Runion of Rob Garland Photography. )

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