Monday, June 1, 2009

rustic chic

who doesn't love a rustic wedding? well don't answer that if it's not exactly you're thing, but i for one, happen to love them. remember this beauty of a rustic nature-inspired wedding, shot by jose villa and coordinated by the fantastic beth helmstetter? well this was originally where i got my idea to wrap all my candle holders. 
and while my wedding has since taken on a more vintage vibe than a rustic one, i received a lovely email today from maggie over at whispering pines featuring some awesome decor pieces. one of my biggest struggles has been finding decor items for the wedding that fit in with my "concept". (my wedding doesn't not have a "theme") yes, scouring the internet eventually does the trick, but nothing like a one stop shop! 

whispering pines has some great items to create that warm and cozy rustic chic wedding! I love the twig votive holders and birch pots!
makes me a little sad we went with the vintage summer garden party instead of our candlelit winter lodge wedding... but check out the whispering pine's blog for some great inspiration! 


  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information with all of us.Keep sharing more in the future.Have a nice time ahead.

  2. Thank you for this post. Funny how the universe gives you what you need. I was looking for new direction and came to your site. You continue to be a source of inspiration.

  3. Beautiful tray! I love things like that! The colour are perfect in there too! I am starting to introduce rustic pieces like that. I just love all the history and stories that they may carry! :) Have a wonderful weekend!!

    Susan Graham

  4. Check out the new blog by whispering pines called Rustic Wedding Chic-