Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a wedding... and hay bales

i'm not sure if i could find anyone out there who wouldn't agree with me on this one, but tec petaja is one pretty fantastic photographer! have you checked out his latest? well, here's a sampling, along with a bevy of amazing talent, this "wedding" is one i wish i could attend. 

p.s. tec's lovely wife chelsea (Oh My Deer) made the fantastic hairpieces and joy thigpen was on hand for prop styling from Anthropologie (which explains why i LOVE the tablescapes!)

i think this one is my favorite! 
check out the details.. the dessert plates, vintage fans, the framed photos, the lighted trees...
 and the tables! 
i ADORE them! so festive and shabby chic. 

all photos via tec petaja


  1. i thought this "wedding" looked a bit too good to be true. phenomenal photos, nonetheless.

  2. i love this. i just wish it was real. sigh. i linked this to my blog.

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