Thursday, July 16, 2009

i guess i'm it!

image via mary swenson of its pretty good

i've been tagged by two lovely ladies, Teresa of Diagnosis Deferred and Dawn of The Alternative Bride to list some of my favorite little things. easy peasy. : )

(note: my fiance is obviously my #1 favorite, it's just a given, so i'm listing 6 more)

1. a fluffy down comforter & squishy pillows during an afternoon nap after being outside
there is nothing better! you're sunned and sleepy from running around outside in the sunshine all day and a mid-afternoon nap on a cool comforter with the sun streaming in is a seriously luxury for me! and i love it!

2. compliments - giving and receiving; this can be tough in nyc!

3. working out
i can feel eyes rolling as i write this! but i do. i like working out. i feel so good afterwards and it's the ultimate confidence booster.

4. the bethesda fountain & terrace, central park
one of my most favorite places in nyc, there are so many great spots to hang out, read, people watch or take in the scenery.

5. family/friends
my sister is the only family i have in nyc, my brother and parents are back in my hometown, so i rely a lot on my friendships to be my support system. so yes, i can clump them together ; )

6. details
i love details, they make me happy. i think it's the details that make things special - even if no one remembers.

so if you're reading this, tag, you're it!

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