Wednesday, July 29, 2009

have you been over to style me pretty lately? you must check out the shabby chic wedding shoot abby posted today, it's just fantastic. i can't take anymore wedding inspiration!! the wedding is a month away (as of today!) and there should be nothing else inspiring this wedding, we should be done be inspired.

but i can't help it. i keep peeking, and falling in love with so many gorgeous details. like these save the date handkerchiefs. oh how i had wanted to do these for our invitations for so long. i still have 70 handkerchiefs that are sitting in my craft box. i just couldn't get all parties involved on board, if you know what i mean : )


  1. Oh I love this idea. I always thought I would do something sort of similar but never thought I would be able execute it well.

    These are exquisite!

  2. I love this idea as well... it would be tough to get the guys in on this idea. VERY sweet.

  3. This is one guy who is on board... :) And I know a girl who would love to take those seventy odd handkerchiefs off of your hands, if you are interested...

    Feel free to message me!