Wednesday, November 11, 2009

our wedding: the bridge

here are a few additional pictures we shot on a bridge near the brewery. while the rain had stopped, the wind moved in. and 40 mph winds + a fitted dress + loose hair = not so cute. but we managed to snag a few of my favorite shots of the night in our alternate location here on this little bridge.

and i guess that's it!! it's been almost three months since the wedding ended, and i still miss it. it's just one of those really amazing days in your life that shouldn't be clouded with wedding dresses and sit down dinners and perfection - it should be about the two of you.
 that's what makes it all count.

i suppose that's my newlywed advice to all of you.

all photos by aaron ingrao


  1. stunningly gorgeous!! love loveee these photos.

  2. you both are a very attractive couple.
    these photographs are stunning.

  3. I saw you photos over on Lake Jane-they are gorgeous...and introduced me to your blog!

  4. you two look like models. seriously.

    and your advice is def noted in my book.

    and all of your pictures are crazy stunning.

  5. great advice and stunning photos. lovely blog.
    nicole visiting from

  6. Lovely pictures.. The colors are so rich and dreamy...

  7. Such beautiful details, just stunning!