Wednesday, November 11, 2009

our wedding: a street fair

we were that annoying couple that had six hours between their ceremony and reception. not by choice as those were the only time slots available. alas, a six hour gap gives you plenty of time to do just about anything, so while our guests headed up to niagara falls or ventured off to nosh on some great Buffalo eats, we perused a crowded street festival filled with sloppy hot dog eating and a whole lot of confusion! every girls white dress nightmare, but it was amusing seeing the bewildered faces of festival-goers as we walked down the street decked in wedding attire.

you know, tried on a couple hats...
girls at fair

danced to some live music...
lindsey and eric

ate a hot dog (they did, not me... i stood far away from the ketchup!)

and the sun finally started peaking through the grey!
dress 3

next up, some downtime... and then party time!

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