Wednesday, November 11, 2009

our wedding: the reception

as you have read, the details were extremely important to me. and there were a lot! (and a lot that weren't captured!) from menus to lace votives,  a "sweet love" candy bar to the wedding tree, it's what made our wedding very special. and you'll see that many of the weddings i've featured here inspired some of the elements (the wedding tree, yes i totally copied, but spread the love, it's a great idea!)

and i told you we'd have a photo wall. such a fun idea, and a great alternative way to
display your family photos. our guests loved it.


  1. your wedding looked incredible! your dress...amazing! can i ask where you purchased it from, or who was the designer? thanks!!

  2. hey there! my dress is from elizabeth fillmore and i purchased it at the mark ingram salon in NYC.

  3. Oh my! Love love love your dress! Totally fab!! You look smashing!