Monday, November 9, 2009

hello again.... and getting ready

so i know what you're thinking. where have i been and why did i leave before posting a wedding recap? after all, isn't that what i've been working towards the entire time i've been blogging? and the answer is yes, but what i didn't expect was all that came after the wedding planning. and that was a serious creative void that i've been busy trying to fill with new projects.. that i will tell you about later. but i owe you some wedding photos and a recap of our wedding day, so here goes!

while i'd like to say it was the perfect "75 degrees & sunny" august day i was hoping for, it wasn't. it was COLD and rainy... and i woke up to a transmitter dying. yes, the day started with no power at my parent's house! not the biggest deal, but moving to my grandmother's house for hair and make-up left us with little time for those "getting ready" photos. here are a few we managed to get right as the power came back on, and right before we had to leave for the botanical gardens.


naturally, it started to rain the second we headed out to the limo on the way to the ceremony, but i truly believe it will only bring our marriage good luck : )


  1. you looked amazing! I love your dress so much. congrats!